Grow More With Less

At Fish Farmers, we are all about growing more food with less. Less water, less energy, less environmental foot print. We do this through using the nutrients supplied by our fish to feed and super charge the growth of our crops. This can be as simple as re-using the water used to raise fish to irrigate field grown crops so that two crops may be raised with just one lot of water or the complete integration of recirculating aquaculture with hydroponics (Aquaponics). Our fish are our farming partners. We are currently seeking expressions of interest from people who would be interested in supporting, investing and/or joining us in a cooperative community integrated farming and tourism project on land in Central Victoria.

Exciting news

Hedgerow Farm (the landlord we are making to lease land to Fish Farmers) looks like it is almost fully funded. That means we just need to close Fish Farmer’s funding gap and we can get the whole shebang started. That would mean filling the gap should unlock $900k from our lender, $400k from investors in Hedgerow Farm, $300k for Fish Farmers, $68k from investors in Fish Farmers and an estimated $1.1mil over five years from the ATO and AusIndustry.

In other words we only need to raise ~$280K more to unlock $2,768,000 of funding. So close, but not there yet. In situations like this a miss is as good as a mile.

If you want to be involved in either the business incubator for farmers that is Hedgerow Farm or drought proof farming without a massive environmental foot print then express your interest by emailing us or calling us and we can tell you more.