Water is the number one limiting factor on agricultural production.

The agricultural industry is turning to technology to overcome this limitation. Unfortunately those technological solutions have massive environmental impacts. This means that just as the rest our economy is beginning to reduce its environmental impact the agricultural industry is set to massively increase its impact.

At Fish Farmers, we are all about developing, demonstrating and promulgating methods of producing food that actually reduce the environmental impact of food production rather than increase it. Growing more food with less. Less water, less energy, less environmental foot print. One of the most simple and easiest ways to do this is to integrate Aquaculture with other farming methods. We grow fish and through the nutrients supplied by our fish we feed and super charge the growth of our crops. This can be as simple as re-using the water used to raise fish to irrigate field grown crops. Two crops may be raised with just one lot of water. Alternatively the complete integration of recirculating aquaculture with hydroponics (Aquaponics). Our fish are our farming partners.

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from people who would be interested in supporting, investing and/or joining us in a cooperative community integrated farming and tourism project on land in Victoria.