Unprecedented and growing consumer demand for meat, fish, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and other resource intensive foods are overwhelming our farmers ability to provide supply via traditional farming methods. Simultaneously further pressure is added due to declining rainfall and increasing weather extremes.

Our mission is to provide solutions that appeal to the balance sheets of investors and the hearts and mouths of consumers while reducing the environmental impact on the planet.

Compared with standard industry solutions our production systems :

  • Require less capital to construct;

  • Have lower operating costs;

  • Are more productive; and are

  • More marketable to modern consumers based on price, quality and low¬†environmental footprint.

In other words cheaper to build, less to run, producing more food that can more easily be sold.

We are ready to build our first large scale system but we have only attracted two thirds of the capital we need.

Therefore we are going to change tacts and develop a new plan. We have an outline of how to proceed and the details are being finalised. Find out more out our Patreon page.